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How Keeper helps TeKoda track work across 100+ clients

“Our goal was to eliminate all spreadsheets and remove every method of manual tracking.”

  • Tabitha Marrero
  • General Manager


Case study highlights

  • TeKoda grew from 15 to over 100 clients by eliminating spreadsheets and manual processes using Keeper.
  • Keeper’s platform provided the managers a crucial and high-level overview on the progress of all monthly client tasks.
  • Keeper’s customizable client templates allowed TeKoda to automate manual tasks, so they could focus on more strategic client advising.
  • TeKoda chose Keeper over the competition for its unique suitability for accounting needs, consistent customer support, and per-client billing model.

TeKoda’s start

TeKoda Accounting was established in 2019. In just four years, TeKoda transformed a book of business consisting of 16 clients to more than 100 clients spanning across multiple industries and states. This impressive expansion posed the inevitable challenge of maintaining organization while seeking an automated solution to streamline workflows and elevate their financial reporting. 

In 2020, Tabitha Marrero joined the TeKoda team. Leveraging her extensive experience in business development and accounting, she quickly recognized that the team needed help managing their increasing number of clients.

“Keeper helps us hit deadlines, track key client details, and customize tasks and checklists specific to each client’s needs.”

Using Keeper to better serve unique client needs

TeKoda employees pride themselves on “obliterating the status quo,” said Tabitha. In line with this goal, TeKoda needed a system that could elevate its workflows and day-to-day processes. Spreadsheets and manual processes create bottlenecks, and the team wanted to move faster to keep up with the firm’s growth. 

Within weeks of subscribing, TeKoda’s team members were using Keeper daily. Tabitha loved that Keeper could be customized to each client, and saw the immediate benefit of Keeper’s Client Dashboard. What makes TeKoda special as a firm is their tailored, white-glove approach to each unique client and their needs – which requires varying levels of attention and work. “Using Keeper to save client details and custom tasks helps us make sure we always identify and meet deadlines,” says Tabitha. “We can add process document links into the task itself, which has helped us hit larger-scale clients that have more unique needs.”

Beyond the dashboard, Tabitha noted that “Keeper’s Client Portal has been extremely helpful as it enhances the way we communicate with our clients. Keeper helps us stay organized and automate our workflows and processes.” With the addition of Keeper, TeKoda can spend more time advising their clients and less time on tedious, manual tasks (like creating hundreds of spreadsheets for clients).

Choosing Keeper Over the Competition

During the third quarter of 2022, Tabitha and the TeKoda team started an extensive search to find new software to enhance their workflow management process and streamline their month-end close experience. Tabitha ultimately chose Keeper over other large workflow and project management applications, because it was built to help the unique needs of bookkeepers and accountants. 

She also noted Keeper’s per-client billing model. “I believe it scales with our firm’s growth. All my bookkeepers can access Keeper and provide high-end dedicated support to our clients without the need to pay for additional seats. The decision to bill that way is just amazing, and that’s obliterating the status quo. I love it.” 

When quarterly check-ins happen with the TeKoda team, the feedback for Keeper is unanimous. “Every single one of my bookkeepers say that they love Keeper; there’s not a single person who is not on board,” says Tabitha. With this buy-in, the team is equipped to constantly innovate processes, and continue to use Keeper to help maintain a high level of customer service. “Every month, we are making updates to improve our workflows and reporting processes with Keeper. Our ultimate goal is to have every client using Keeper.”


“All my bookkeepers can access Keeper and provide high-end dedicated support to our clients without the need to pay for additional seats.”


A Trusted Relationship

Tabitha found that Keeper’s dedication to customer support and feedback-driven action is similar to the customer-centric approach that TeKoda’s bookkeepers provide. Tabitha stated, “If we ask for something, or if something is on the roadmap, I know Keeper will deliver. The team is incredibly open to feedback and feature requests – which is incredibly refreshing to find.”  

Moving ahead, Tabitha and the TeKoda team will continue their work in ensuring the organization is as purposeful and efficient as possible in its actions, processes, and tools. With Keeper acting as a scalable foundation, TeKoda is ready for its exciting future and imminent growth.

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