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How PlumbBooks saves 30 minutes per client per month with Keeper

“We save at least 30 minutes per client per month, often 3x that. The month-end process is more robust, easier, and faster now that we use Keeper.”

  • Cheryl Lanahan
  • Founder/CEO

Using Keeper to dominate an underserved niche

In 2019, Cheryl Lanahan put her entrepreneurial spirit to the test when she started PlumbBooks. Specializing in accounting and bookkeeping services for residential home service companies, Cheryl’s vision stemmed from her time working at a plumbing company. She realized the need for a specialized bookkeeping practice catering to the trades industry.

“We’ve managed over 15,000 client questions through Keeper’s Client Portal”

Before adopting Keeper, PlumbBooks relied on a Google Document labeled ‘our conversation page’ to manage uncategorized transactions, questions, and client responses. Keeper immediately transformed the organizational process at PlumbBooks, providing a streamlined and intuitive method for linking individual questions directly to the corresponding transactions.

Cheryl’s typical clients operate with six or fewer trucks, and many of them are hands-on owners in the field. “The owners that I work with are typically out in the field,” Cheryl stated. “Keeper lets our clients focus less on the books and do what they love, which is getting out on a job site and adding value where it counts.”

“Keeper has been an absolute game-changer. We encourage our clients to only contact us through Keeper’s Client Portal.” The PlumbBooks team has used Keeper to manage and facilitate over 15,000 client questions and has no plans of changing anything up.

Keeper eliminates administrative headaches and empowers Cheryl and her team to act as trusted advisors to their clients.

“Keeper and the Client Portal offer our team a single, centralized hub where we house everything our clients require. Like the power tools our clients use, Keeper significantly boosts our speed and efficiency during the month-end close.”


If your firm is ready to scale but is held back by manual bookkeeping tasks, schedule a demo call and start strategizing for success with Keeper.