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Keeper helps a first-time bookkeeper get organized




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Years on Keeper

“Keeper was a game changer in helping me stay organized”

  • Hannah Heinrich
  • Founder/CEO

New beginnings

Hannah always had a knack for business but never imagined herself owning her own firm just five years after graduating from university. In 2022, Hannah launched her own practice, Heinrich Bookkeeping Solutions.

Growing tired of the restless nights checking emails and the frantic searches trying to locate the correct document for the 10 clients she managed, Hannah decided to turn to industry peers for a solution.

Searching for peace of mind

In line with several recommendations from bookkeepers, Keeper turned out to be a game-changer. Hannah found that Keeper was “incredibly affordable and easy to set up.”

For Hannah, it only took a few days to notice the “strong response rate from my clients to the new Client Portal and how easy it was to stay organized.”

“The Client Portal took away the stress of sorting through emails and hunting down documents.” With Keeper, Hannah could quickly locate the appropriate files, ensuring that her client interactions were smooth and professional.

With Keeper in her corner, Hannah found a tool that streamlined her work, allowing her to focus on what mattered most – her clients. When asked about her business’ growth, Hannah shared that she “now feels empowered to take on more clients and continue to expand her practice.”

“Keeper helped me save time and money by consolidating multiple tools into one powerful productivity platform.”