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How Keeper Helps Ignite Spot Run Quality Control for 150+ Clients

“Keeper creates an easy and manageable solution for our leadership team to review the quality of work and ensure the standards going out are consistent each month.”

  • Dan Luthi
  • Partner, Ignite Spot Accounting

Automating Workflows with Keeper

Dan Luthi and the Ignite Spot team are all about making accounting accessible and intuitive for businesses across the United States. Combining top talent and tech is crucial for creating automated workflows that help reduce the administrative burdens – allowing Ignite Spot to focus on the “big picture” for their clients.

Dan and the Ignite Spot team go beyond just numbers. With their advanced tools, they help clients make informed and proactive decisions. One of the modern software platforms used to help achieve this outcome is Keeper.

If your firm is ready to scale but is held back by manual bookkeeping tasks, schedule a demo call and start strategizing for success with Keeper.